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An restaurant

An restaurant

71/5 - 71/6 Mac Thi Buoi St., district 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

Tel: (08) 38258275

Ancient structured building sections look so peaceful. That is where you have nostalgia for the past, sweet and lovely memory when you have great time by side of family, friends or those you first have a chance tp meet. A restaurant is turning back time and provides you with cozy and serene space amid such a ratrace. Over there, some relax exists in your soul where it is mixed with others.

An restaurant modestly hides itself in a small shortcut in the heart of Saigon town. An restaurant belongs to Nam An restaurant corporation. As a matter of fact, it follows a style of ancience to help those who are, for a long time, far away from home seek the memory in their hometown. Three sections listed consist of one outter space, one ground floor and one upper floor.

In such a cozy atmosphere of the ancient French-structured house, you realize that there is cleverness in the way Vietnamese fans, light cages and pictures hung on the wall are used in decoration. Most importantly, a little bar counter offers you many kinds of wine in order to promptly meet your needs of enjoying it.

In a specific way, the restaurant serves dishes from three regions of Vietnam.The menu includes such ones as Northern cha noodle, khot cake, handle rice, sea-food hot pot. Besides, immediatelly serving dishes are available.

Not only does An bring you a unique space but it also would like to bring you more than that through delicious food and a professional service.  

Come to the restaurant to enjoy Vietnamese food flavor after a long hard working day.

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